The Rock And Roll Detective Walks the Red Carpet at Premier of Indie Film: “When I Sing”

The Rock And Roll Detective Walks the Red Carpet at Premier of Indie Film: “When I Sing”

The Rock And Roll Detective walks the red carpet in Hollywood at the premiere of the award-winning Indie film, “When I Sing” starring Linda Chorney and co-starring Jim Berkenstadt. The film has already won the Hollywood Independent Reel Film Festival Best Film Award and the Remi Award at the Houston Film Festival. This is the first feature film role for Berkenstadt, who plays himself in the film.

On the red carpet L-R: Rebecca Berkenstadt, CEO of Worldly Strategies, Linda Chorney, star of “When I Sing”, Brad Berkenstadt, and Jim Berkenstadt, the Rock And Roll Detective.

Based upon a true story: Funny, irreverent, heartfelt, and real, with Linda Chorney playing herself, this is the story of a singer-songwriter’s wild ride toward finally being “almost famous” after thirty years of gigging on the road. Will being the first truly independent musician nominated for a Grammy be her big break – or break her?

Here is a link to the film’s trailer:


Dubbed the “Rock And Roll Detective” by his clients, Jim Berkenstadt has spent a lifetime researching, writing and consulting in pop music history. His books on the unreleased recordings of The Beatles (Black Market Beatles) and the making of Nirvana’s seminal album Nevermind (Nirvana: Nevermind – Classic Rock Books) are critically acclaimed. Berkenstadt, has served as a consultant to The Beatles (Apple Corps Ltd.), George Harrison, The Traveling Wilburys (Dark Horse), the band Garbage, Producer Butch Vig, Barbara Orbison (Mrs. Roy Orbison), Maria Elena Holly (Mrs. Buddy Holly), and many International Record Labels. He is currently the co-star of two pop culture TV series’ on the Reelz Channel: Celebrity Legacies and Celebrity Damage Control. Currently, Berkenstadt has released a new Best Seller entitled The Beatle Who Vanished, which along with his other books, have been inducted into the Rock & Roll Hall of Fame Permanent Library and Archives. The new Beatles book (the true story of Beatles deputy drummer Jimmie Nicol, who briefly took over for Ringo Starr before vanishing) contains a Foreword by The Beatles’ ex- bass player, Chas Newby, and is currently under consideration for adaptation to the silver screen. As founder of Rock And Roll Detective®, Berkenstadt’s firm offers a number of specialized and confidential services to music artists, record labels, music download sites, TV and Film productions, auction houses, and museums.
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